Project Management and layout plans design

The Project Department team closely collaborates with our clients’ architects, designers, and contractors to design plans for up-to-date and scalable kitchens and service areas. Our clients are private companies and non-profit organizations.

The foodservice consultants, the designers, the estimators, and the site supervisors join forces with our clients’ local representative to create functional spaces all while respecting timelines and budgets.

Project Managemen - Un Po Di PiuUn Po Di Piu — Montréal — 2019

A Partner with Great Expertise

The excellent reputation of the Project Department is based on the application of its large knowledge in the conception of functional solutions and the selection of equipment that helps with the optimization of the operations. Our team makes sure it chooses appliances that match the needs that were expressed by our clients all while respecting the budget.

It is involved in wide-ranging projects, and its assignments are varied:

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Education establishments
  • Health facilities and institutions
  • Sport and entertainment centres
  • Corporate buildings
  • Convention centres
  • C1-type production kitchens
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Project Management - Le MonarqueMonarque — Montréal — 2018

Project Management - Le ZiboZibo — Vaudreuil — 2019

A Five-Step Process

Project Management - Consulting and Planning

Consulting and Planning

The foodservice consultants talk with the clients about the budget, the size of the premises, and other parameters and inquire about the needs and the constraints in terms of regulation, functionality, and ergonomics.

Project Management - Design


The designers listen to and analyze the expectations of the clients and let them benefit from their knowledge. They also coordinate everything that has to do with electromechanical needs with the project’s other professionals and contractors.

Project Management - Estimation


The estimators are familiar with the issues that are associated to the supply chain, so they regularly communicate with the manufacturers so the clients can get the best equipment at the best price.

Project Management - Site Coordination

Site Coordination

The site supervisors establish with the contractors the arrangements that must be made to ensure the installation of the selected equipment. Furthermore, they coordinate the delivery of the equipment in the premises.

Project Management - Delivery and Training

Delivery and Training

The deliverers and the installers assemble and position the equipment according to the instructions that they are given. Our team can also train the clients regarding the start, the use, and the maintenance of the equipment.

Several Services Offered

It proves to be essential to carefully plan the designing of a kitchen or a service area as well as the selection of equipment to prevent on-site errors and optimize the initial and operational investment.

The service offers prepared by the project department reflect the nature of the projects that were presented, their specificities, as well as the expectations and the needs expressed by the clients.

The services offered by the project department are the followings:

Start your project

Arranging a meeting to get familiar with the needs and the constraints of the client

Production of lists of the equipment that can be reused

Design of a 2D or 3D plan that helps better understand the project

Selection of the equipment with the possibility of doing tests and demonstrations

Writing of proposals

Writing of bid solicitation documents

Evaluation of the needs regarding electromechanics for the kitchen equipment

Planning of the delivery and the setting up of the equipment

Coordination of trainings related to the equipment