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Making online purchases at Doyon Després at any time during the day and the night without the help of an advisor or a representative is possible!

The Pro Center is a secured access platform that commercial clients can use to make orders.

Access Pro Center

Answer to the needs of commercial clients


All the products that are on the Doyon Després website can be found on the platform. Simply add the tools, the accessories and the appliances that required to the basket and pay the bill.

The products are classified in the form of a list. In the box of each product are showed its number, its name, and the price at which it is offered.

A colored dot informs about the availability of the products. The green dot indicates that the product can be delivered, and the red dot indicates that there is no more of it in stock.


To accelerate the search of items, it is suggested to browse the Doyon Després website. It is therefore possible to visualize the items comprised in each category of products.

It is also the best way to quickly and effectively compare similar products according to their respective features and price.

Multiple benefits


The higher the annual volume of purchase, the higher the value of the offered discounts. Those discounts are translating into percentage.

Discounts are automatically applicable to all products that are eligible. The regular price and the offered promotional price are both showed.

List of favorite products

Users can create a list of the products they like and that they are likely to get when comes the time to make new orders.

With this list, they spend less time looking for items and adding them to the basket.

Order history

All the receipts of orders that were made on the Pro Center are available in the account of users. They can therefore visualize the content of each of them as well as the amount paid.

A list of all the products that were bought since making the first order is also available in a tab that is adjacent to the list of favorite products tab.

Like for the list of favorite products, the list of previously bought items can be seen to help quickly complete a new order.

Purchase and delivery conditions


No minimum purchase amount is required to submit an order on the Pro Center.

If the amount of an order is higher or equal to $325 before taxes, the delivery service is free.


Orders of small size products that are completed on the Pro Center are delivered by one of our delivery partners.

Orders of large size products are also delivered by one of our delivery partners. A member of the customer service team coordinates the success of the operation.

This person is in charge of contacting customers to get some important information and find with them the right moment to accomplish the delivery.

Registration proces

To become a member of the Pro Center, the first thing to do is to click on the “Register here!” button, which is found on the access page for members.

Customers who already have a client account at Doyon Després can fill in the registration form created for that purpose.

A welcome email containing all the information that is required to complete its registration is sent in the following hours or days.

Customers who do not have a client account at Doyon Després must contact a customer service advisor, who will send them an email to remedy this situation.

It will indicate the process to open a client account and complete its registration to the Pro Center.

Additional information

Representatives and customer service advisors remain available to accomplish the following actions:

  • Make changes to an already submitted order
  • Offer precisions concerning products
  • Offer precisions regarding the functioning of the Pro Center
  • Offer help to create an account

Register now to take advantage of all these benefits!

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