About Doyon Després

Doyon Després was born after two companies that operated in the same industry merged.

Their similar philosophy and objectives are at the centre of this union, from which resulted a large network of stores.

The company has therefore become the leader of the distribution of kitchen items and equipment in Quebec. The vast territory it serves extends from along the St. Lawrence River to the south of the province.

A series of profitable mergers

A series of profitable mergers

The first merger, made in 2011, has united G. Doyon et Fils Inc. and Félisol, rebranded Doyon Cuisine. To this group was added Groupe Restau-Service one year later.

In 2017, Doyon Cuisine and Després Laporte have joined forces to form a single entity, Doyon Després.

The true winners of this union are the merchants, the institutions and the residents of Québec and nearby areas.

They can all count on Doyon Després to provide them with products of different kinds, small and big, wherever they are according to the agreement that was concluded.

Merging to better serve

Merging to better serve

A merge implies administrative provisions, but most of all sharing common interests as well as utilizing and passing varied knowledge.

The Doyon Després team can therefore better serve those that are passionate about cooking with appliances, accessories and tools that will help them nurture their talent and their interest for the discipline.

The members of the team prioritize the satisfaction of customers, with whom they have a personalized relationship. They make sure the expectations of everyone are met.

Customer experience at the heart of our concerns

Customer experience at the heart of our concerns

These last few years, the company has performed several jobs in the stores to refresh the decor and improve the layout for the benefit of customers and employees.

The Drummondville team has moved into new premises, the stores of Laval and Sherbrooke were revamped, and small jobs were done in the other stores.

Small and big initiatives were implemented to make the customers’ visit more pleasant and the shopping in store and online more enjoyable.

Time for innovation and expansion

The year 2020 has been an important one for the company, which has engaged two major projects only a few months apart.

Longueuil’s distribution center

In the spring was unveiled the distribution center of Doyon Després, located in Longueuil. All products are now transiting via this enormous building before they get delivered to stores or to customers.

It proves to be a very technological building that makes all members of the team very proud. The systems that it is equipped with help reduce the risks of errors when preparing orders.

Multiple operations were centralized at this location, so the coordination of many activities proves to be easier than it was before.

Montreal store

During fall, the company’s management team announced the acquisition of one of its competitors of the commercial division of its activities, Alimex, located on the Island of Montreal.

Doyon Després therefore has eight stores, and a first one in the Montreal Metropolitan Area, where are established numerous customers of the company.

Refurbishment works were done during the following months to transform the premises of Alimex into a Doyon Després store.